Use song requests to build your brand.

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Let's face it, people are always going to try to make song requests. Now you can deal with them in a non-intrusive way, and turn them into a chance to grow your audience.

RequestNow allows partygoers to text their requests directly to your account, keeping them on the dance floor and away from the booth. Our algorithm finds the song, adds it to a list you can read at your convenience, and automatically replies with a customizable text to let the user know their request was received. Including your name in the auto-reply makes every request a chance to market yourself.

After the event, you can send a Thank You message that includes your booking info to everyone that requested a song.

Create a memorable experience.

Enhance the partygoer's experience and let them feel like they have control. RequestNow is perfect for any event and adds an interactive element that's fun for all ages. Using RequestNow's messaging system, you can interact directly with partygoers. Respond to individual messages, send a text to all the people who requested a particular song, or thank attendees after an event. RequestNow lets the audience feel involved and provides the DJ with the information to play the perfect event.

Build your brand.

Turn song requests into marketing opportunities. RequestNow provides you with the tools to improve your visibility. Strategically place your brand on all outgoing text messages with a custom signature and guarantee that your DJ name is remembered by partygoers. This means that every time someone wants to request a song, you get a chance to market yourself.

Get rid of distractions.

Let's face it, people are always going to try to make song requests. RequestNow lets you deal with the issue in non-intrusive way. Give people an outlet and let yourself make the decisions about what gets played - after all, you're always in control.

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