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Engage with guests while building your brand.

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RequestNow isn't just about song requests.

It's a marketing tool as well. It's designed for:

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Mobile DJs & KDJs

Whether you have a wedding, corporate event, sweet 16, mitzvah or a birthday party -- RequestNow helps you connect with guests without taking away from DJing. Run raffles, give shoutouts and take song requests while branding yourself.

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Own or DJ at a bar? Not only can you engage with guests who may be seated at tables from the DJ booth, but also build up an SMS mailing list. If you own the bar, it’s a great way to send promotions, and if you are a resident DJ it’s a great way to get tips or build a social media following! Learn how bars like Retro Rewind are using RequestNow.

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Play live music? We got you covered. Our automated system will auto-respond to guests and detect songs to minimize distractions while you are playing. At the end of the gig, blast all the guests your info so they can find out where you are playing next!

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