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Bar/Club DJs + Venues

Let your regulars suggest some tunes while building a following, increasing tips and return customers. RequestNow is a great way to share drink specials, giveaways, or upcoming events at your venue.
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"95%+ more tips have come in with this system."
- Corey Dunn Owner, DJ Corey

Engage with patrons seamlessly

Increase Tips

Seamlessly collect more tips by proactively sending your link
Generate custom Venmo and Cash App links
Allows guests to directly open mobile payment app
Blast a tip link in thank-you message to all
Tip goes directly to you!
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Blast your contact list

NotifyNow allows you to blast a text message to all patrons who previously used the request line.
Share upcoming drink specials or events
Stay connected to your patrons
Guests can easily unsubscribe
Blasts limited to every 2 weeks