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The coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to rethink how they do business in the age of social distancing — the DJ industry is no exception. A crucial element of the job is to keep partygoers entertained and to interact with them with the hope that everyone has a good time and wants to book you for their next big event. The last few months have been hard with almost no events, but now, as the world starts to reopen, people are eager to celebrate their special events that were put on pause. You still have to worry about the million things you need to do to prepare for a great event, but now, on top of this, you have to do this while being mindful of the health and safety of your guests and yourself. How do you take song requests or talk to your guests if they can’t get within six feet of the DJ booth? How do you make sure your guests know who you are so that they can book you the next time they’re thinking of having an event?

We are excited to introduce RequestNow, a new tool to help you through the age of social distancing and beyond. The main idea of RequestNow is simple - use technology to organize your communication with guests at any event so that you can keep it social from any distance. We provide you with a phone number and a message processing system that allows you to take song requests from your guests, run contests and raffles, and have conversations. This allows you to keep interacting with your guests safely. Furthermore, the service is easy to use for guests as they only need to know the phone number that RequestNow assigns to you. It’s also simple for you to use because you only need access to an internet connected device.

The interaction between you and partygoers was in need of a digital upgrade long before the coronavirus, but, as with many other sectors of our economy, the pandemic has fast forwarded many trends. There are a host of tools for you to use outside your events and organize your events as well as a number of services that allow you to organize your music during the event. Surprisingly, until today, there hasn’t been a service that connects you with the individuals who attend your events. RequestNow enables you to market your brand during events and generate potential leads afterwards. Our service provides the missing link between what goes on while you’re DJing and your marketing efforts after the event. We hope that our product not only can enable you to come back from these tough times, but also to assist in evolving your business for the future.

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