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Should Mobile DJs Take Song Requests?

by Evan Layefsky
April 27, 2023

Should mobile DJs allow their guests to request songs?

Yes, yes a million times yes! And there are many reasons for it. Here is a list of reasons why you should allow and even encourage guests to request songs at your events:

1. Enhance the guest experience by making the music an open dialogue with your clients

This is fairly obvious, but so important. Allowing guests to be involved in the musical selection makes them feel involved and engaged. After all, this is their event, you’re there to curate a mood and help keep the revelers reveling. It helps to think of events as a musical conversation, you play a few songs, then watch your guests' reactions. What makes them dance harder, which genre makes them whoop louder. You take note, then continue in that direction. Think of song requests as a cheat sheet. Instead of inferring from the guests mood, they are telling you exactly what they want to hear. You don’t have to play everything that is requested but allow it to inform your playlist and the direction of your set.

2. These events are personal, let the guests help guide you towards music that is meaningful to them

Most events you are DJing are for a special occasion. A group of friends and family have assembled to celebrate something. Each of these people are connected to each other and have specific memories, often with special songs attached to these memories. Maybe the bride and her best friends have a long lasting affinity and connection to a song when they kayaked the amazon and played the Bee Gees non stop. Or maybe the birthday girl is a diehard Green Day fan. You don’t know about any of these special songs until the guests request them. Make events unforgettable by playing the songs that will make the guests cry happy tears.

3. Song requests can help you to discover new music and stay current 

You may be Djing an event with 150 guests, each of whom knows and loves a song or album that you’ve never heard of. Not only will you cater to the wants of the audience, but you might discover some new music while you’re at it. You’re an expert on music, but you don’t know every song! Let song requests expand your musical range and breadth.

4. Show flexibility and adaptability

You are delivering a product to your clients. Show them that you are willing to go the distance to make their event enjoyable by adapting your playlists to include their songs. You can also showcase your skills as a DJ by demonstrating that you can work with different styles and genres of music. It’s extremely impressive to clients when you can seamlessly work in their song requests to your set. It’s a great way to increase your tips and boost your reputation as a DJ.

5. Use RequestNow to maximize guest engagement + build your brand 

Leverage a song request tool like RequestNow that maximizes guest participation. RequestNow keeps guests engaged allowing you to focus on DJing. Guests text their song requests to a phone number, which automatically detects the song and adds it to a queue. This makes it easy to effortlessly work them into your set! The app also auto-responds with a customized thank you message which makes guests feel heard and sets expectations – for example, “Thanks for requesting Peaches by Justin Bieber. I’ll do my best to work it in! - Maxi Entertainment Group”

Word of mouth is the most common way DJs get leads. RequestNow allows you to send a thank you blast at the end of the night with all your contact info. Thank everyone for coming out and send a link to your website to encourage others to use your services in the future.

To give RequestNow a try, signup here.

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