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How Momento Works - An Event Timeline

Dustin K
March 24, 2024

Momento is the easiest way to offer more to clients and up-level your events. You instruct guests and patrons to text in photos and videos, set up your screen, and our app does the rest.

Here's an example wedding timeline! Take a look at other event types below.

Step 1: Before the event.

Share the event invite link with your client. Party guests can then join by entering their phone number.

Step 2: Event day

Send a welcome text blast to all guests. Write your own or use one of our templates. We recommend sending the day's agenda!

Event Admin Settings

Step 3: Event day

Guests start texting in photos and videos

Step 4: Event day

Approve/deny photos and videos in the Event Admin panel. See an example.

Step 5: Event day

Display the live slideshow. See an example.

Step 6: Event Day

Display QR codes for guests who didn't opt-in to the event ahead of time!

Step 7: Event end

Guests receive a custom thank you message and media album link!

Sweet 16s/Bar Mitzvahs

Let guests instantly share photos and videos to a live event slideshow. It creates a communal photo album in real-time, making it a memorable experience for the guest of honor and attendees.


Bars can use Momento to boost their nightlife ambiance, allowing patrons to text in their snapshots for live display, amplifying the shared experience. It’s also a tool for real-time promotions, keeping the excitement high and the drinks flowing.


Momento enhances special dining events by inviting diners to contribute to a live photo feed, showcasing their experience. This not only elevates the atmosphere but also enables restaurateurs to engage with customers in a dynamic way.

Try Momento Today!

Head over to and give it a try! Ask us for a free event, if needed!

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