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Best Practices for Multi-Ops Using RequestNow

June 14, 2023

Our 7 Tips for Multi-Ops

Engaging with your crowd has never been easier for DJs with RequestNow. Whether you're a hobbyist DJ or a large multi-op DJ company, RequestNow is optimized to cater to your needs. In this blog post, we will focus on best practices for multi-ops to maximize the benefits of RequestNow.

  1. Assign one number per DJ: To streamline the process, we recommend allocating a dedicated number to each DJ. Every DJ will receive a unique printed QR code associated with their number, as well as a dedicated live view link. If you have occasional or part-time DJs, you can purchase a baseline set of numbers and have them share. You can purchase additional numbers in the Plan tab
  1. Use number descriptions for easy identification: After purchasing your set of numbers, take the time to set a friendly name or description for each number. Using the DJ's name as the description is highly recommended. You can easily set this up in the number's tab.
  1. Create QR code printouts or posters for each number: Provide each DJ with a QR code poster that they can keep with their equipment and bring to every gig. The QR code is linked to their dedicated number and will remain the same. We have detailed instructions on creating QR code posters available here.
  1. Utilize the permanent Live View link: Each number is also associated with a permanent Live View link, which serves as the DJ's dashboard to view song requests and interact with guests. Send each DJ their corresponding permanent Live View link, and they can bookmark it on their preferred device (laptop, tablet, etc.) for easy access at any gig. This link will always load the current RequestNow event, eliminating the need for frequent updates. This link is found in the numbers tab. 
  1. Streamline event setup: We recommend that the RequestNow account owner sets up events for all gigs. Each DJ simply needs to bring their QR code and load the bookmarked Live View link. This straightforward workflow eliminates the hassle of sending event links weekly or providing employees with access to the RequestNow account.
  1. Save money with our bulk event packs:.We offer discounted rates for our event packs. These are purchased upfront, and each event created consumes 1 credit. Explore the available options on our pricing page (link) to find the pack that suits your needs.
  1. Join the RequestNow Facebook group: To enhance your understanding of RequestNow and gain insights from other multi-op owners. Here, you can learn valuable tips and tricks that will help you optimize your DJ engagements.

With these best practices in mind, multi-op DJs can fully utilize RequestNow to engage with the crowd effortlessly. Simplify your workflow, increase efficiency, and create unforgettable experiences for your audience.

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