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How We’re Leveraging AI to Improve the Guest Experience

Ylise M
July 25, 2023

Guests can type naturally!

We just made a major upgrade to our song detection system using advancements in AI! It can understand virtually any input and most importantly no longer requires requesters to type in keyword “play” to enable song recognition.

Why is this great for guests?

1. No need to spend extra time informing requesters about the keyword

Spend less time informing guests on the details of song requesting and more time focusing on making the event the best it can be. Sometimes it’s a pain to deal with issues that may pop up in the system and utilizing AI to improve the song detection allows you to spend more time in your workflow and less time communicating with guests about the ins-and-outs of the keyword system.  

2. Increase the number of song requests played 

Be able to hit more of your guest’s song requests and keep the crowd happy. What our old system may not have been able to recognize, the upgraded system can do more seamlessly. 

3. Easier on guests who just want to hear their favorite song!!

Promote a happier and more satisfied event. Sometimes people miss details and this upgrade to the system allows for that to not be a bigger issue than it needs to be. 

Be sure to test out the new feature for yourself with our demo!

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